Refund policy

Order Return and Cancellation Policy

 Conditions for replacement - product claim

  1. The customer must inspect the product and refuse to receive the product immediately if there is a problem such as wrong model, wrong color, incomplete number or damaged, etc.
  2. The customer must report the problem Claims-returns in all cases at Help Center Phone number 095-424-6222 before every time
  3. will contact to notify the result of the consideration If the condition is not violated and the product is ready to be replaced Will ask for a way to change - return that the customer is convenient to return to you with an appointment to send a new product immediately
  4. no exchange-return In the case of used products or in the case that the customer wants to change it without the cause of a product problem

Conditions for canceling trades and return

Once you have received the product and/or service, and found a problem, the company reserves the right to consider the return of the product according to the specified conditions. The judgment of Poolbesbuy is final.

The customer has the right to cancel the transaction with a written notice to the company. know via email within 7 days from the date of receiving the goods or services. and return the product along with the proof of purchase to the Company in perfect condition. under the following conditions

  1. The product must not be damaged/damaged by the actions of the customer.
  2. The product must attach the receipt / confirmation of payment from the bank or Email and sales slip / tax invoice. The destination address from private transport in a plastic envelope on the parcel box. (in case of sending by private transport)
  3. The product must not be used. Does not cut off brand tags or price tags. and complete with box or packaging, warranty card, manuals and attachments of the product.
  4. The product must be under the conditions set by the product manufacturer.
  5. Items received under the terms of the promotion, such as freebies, redeemable items, trade-in items, etc., must be returned with the main product.
  6. return shipping costs gift wrapping Special packaging, setup, and other service fees are non-refundable.

**Change - claim that product. The customer must report the problem within 7 days after receiving the product or service. If the product is ready for shipping, it can be processed within 7-14 days. If not, there may be a notification to change the new model or cancel the purchase.


Ways to exchange-return products

When the product has a problem, the customer must contact the Help Center at Telephone number 095-424-6222 upon confirmation of exchange-return of defective products from, customers can send products back to


Conditions for refund of goods and services

The company reserves the right to consider refunds for goods and services. It will not be refunded in cash under any circumstances. Goods and services will be refunded by the following methods:

  1. Pay back with a coupon or discount code used instead of cash. to purchase goods and services that within 7 days after the company confirms the return.
  2. Pay back to the customer's bank account within 7-15 days after the company confirms the return.
  3. Pay back the credit limit to the customer's credit card within 15 days after the company confirms the refund and it will be effective in the next billing cycle of the credit card.