Chlorine Special

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👨🏻‍🔬 Chlorine Disinfects 

Chlorine Special promotion, only 100 tanks!
Just put the product in the cart and receive it immediately.10% discount 

  • no more than 2 bucketsNS per 1 order
  • Available to everyone!
  • Discount through the web page only. cannot be reduced through other channels
  • Cannot be discounted through quotations.
  • Ends when the product runs out!
  • The system will automatically cut off when the timer expires or 100 tanks are complete.

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      👨🏻‍🔬 CHLORINE Special 

      Chlorine Special promotion is available for 100 Drums ONLY!
      Select a product and the system will automatically give you a 10% discount at check out page!

      • Minimum purchase 2 Drums per order
      • Available For Everyone!
      • ONLY Discount when order through the checkout page
      • CANNOT discount via quotation.
      • Expired when out of stock!
      • The promotion will automatically stop when its time or over 100 Drums.

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