Chlorine…and the swimming pool, part 2

Chlorine is a type of disinfectant or disinfectant. Can kill germs as well as alcohol, iodine or saline that we use to wash the wound. But chlorine is much more effective, that is, it can be used only a small amount. Kills all germs, using only about 1/4 part per million is enough for a swimming pool.

Chlorine works by a reaction known as oxidizing. (Oxidized)......Simple explanation that chlorine will destroy germs or organic substances in the water by causing it to break apart. and can also break down those parts into smaller pieces until completely dissolved in water

But the performance of chlorine will depend on the condition of being. acid-base or pH value (pH) Yes, the swimming pool recommended by American Pool and Spa Association (APSP) is the pH in the range 7.2-7.8 This is the range where chlorine can work well and is not harmful to human skin.

If the pH is too high, the value approaches 8 or more than 8, the chlorine will become inoperable. So we often find that if the green water is found, the pH is definitely high, but if it's too low, below 7, or approaching 6 (or even below 6!)

Although chlorine works very well But users will start having irritating problems. Plus, this acidic environment can corrode ladders and metal structures in swimming pools.

Chlorine testing with good quality measuring instruments high resolution Three chlorine readings are obtained, namely:

  • free chlorine (free chlorine) is the value of chlorine that is still usable.
  • chlorine combination Combined chlorine is chlorine that has already been used as a waste of chlorine that no longer works.

total chlorine which is the positive effect of free chlorine and chlorine combination As for the color calibration test kit, the readings refer to the total chlorine value. Sometimes when the water in our pool turns green. Measured and the pH is low. The chlorine is high and it also smells very chlorine. It is assumed that the measured chlorine value is indeed a chlorine combination or waste chlorine.

Another property of chlorine is that it makes the water more acidic. and in very acidic conditions (pH less than 6) virtually all substances in water both suspended sediment both stains Will dissolve completely, making the water look clear, the pool looks beautiful, but makes the user feel irritated to the skin, burning eyes, dry, brittle hair, easily broken, so adding a lot of chlorine So it's not a good option to make the water clear.

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