Chlorine..and the swimming pool, part 1


It is known that everyone in the swimming pool industry already knows. Because chlorine is a highly effective, cheap, and commonly used disinfectant. And most of the swimming pools in Thailand are pools that use chlorine to disinfect ... or sometimes they can't think of anything, add chlorine, cloudy water, green water, unclear water. If you don't like it, add more chlorine. Is this method really right or not?

In the world, chlorine has been used since 1774 or 1774, or more than 244 years ago, although it is very old and old, but today chlorine is still recognized as the most effective. The most widely used And of course it is the best disinfectant product.


Chlorine production is described by a simple process:

Is to bring salt (table salt) to dissolve in water and bring it through the process of electricity. Chlorine is obtained in the form of gas. It is then mixed with salt to form crystals or flakes. and then put them in various packaging as seen in the general market That is why each brand of chlorine is different. Some brands contain 90% chlorine, some 80% or 50% (water chlorine has only 10-15% percent chlorine), and the rest are salt-based substances, as previously mentioned. Or maybe mix a few other substances, such as stabilizers, chlorine (stabilizer), so even though 50% chlorine products are much cheaper than 90% chlorine, but think about the amount of chlorine that the buyer receives will be less. than with Finally, more chlorine must be added. More wasteful than before and still have to risk more additives.

As for the salt system pool or salt chlorinator, it uses the same method as industrial chlorine production. is to dissolve the salt in water and undergo an electrical process. But the system will supply the chlorine produced directly into our pool. No unnecessary contamination or added chemicals are added. Therefore, the pool using this system is safe. Does not cause allergies or irritation. But still effective in disinfecting as well as adding chlorine. Therefore, it is very suitable for children's pools or people with sensitive skin.



The story of chlorine is very long.

Next, let's look at the subject:

  • How does chlorine disinfect? 
  • Does chlorine alone really solve every problem in swimming pool water? 
  • How is high quality chlorine and which is better?

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